Alma Whitten on 'Lessons from Googles Approach to Internet Security, Privacy and Encryption'

13 04 2011

About the Speaker: Dr. Alma Whitten joined Google in 2003 and is currently Head of Googles Applied Security engineering team, and their engineering lead on privacy. Dr Whittens work at Google revolves primarily in the realm of security and protection of Googles log data. Alma was awarded a PhD and an MS in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University, and a BS in Computer Science from the University of Connecticut. Dr Whittens doctoral research focussed on creating a methodology for designing computer security that is manageable by ordinary computer users. As well as her presentation today, Dr Whitten has delivered several presentations in her capacity as Google privacy spokesperson. Topics of discussion have included: Are IP addresses personal?, and HTTPS security for web applications. Prior to todays IIEA event, Dr Whitten recently delivered a privacy presentation at the first ever Google Brussels Tech Talk for policy makers on January 28th of this year. The title of that presentation was An engineers vision for Internet Privacy. About the Presentation: Policy makers across the digital spectrum are increasingly beginning to discuss the concept of privacy by design. Privacy by design seeks to address the pertinent question of whether privacy represents an impediment to innovation in technology, or is innovation in technology the means for users to protect their privacy online? Dr. Whitten, in todays presentation to the IIEA, discussed some of these issues. Conscious
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