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13 04 2011

Alabye_com, affordable web hosting, Domain registration, Income opportunity for home based businesses
Video Rating: 5 / 5 This is part two of showing you best and the most affordable and cheap hosting solutions for videos. In the previous video, I’ve showed you the free solutions or the solutions which doesn’t cost you anything. In today’s video, I want to show you all the solutions that I currently use in my business to host it which cost just a little bit money. The first one is the Amazon S3 and it’s basically a service which allows you to host hundreds and hundreds of gigs of data which is what for hosting videos and audios for the blog. Considering it’s cheap, Amazon S3 could give so much space to store a lot of space for 15cents per gigabyte. On average, my mp3s are probably around about 30 to 40megs at most so I can be able to store up to 300 mp3s before I have to pay 15cents for the mp3s so that’s how cheap it is. Also, since it isn’t very easy to use, Amazon also offers a tool which acts like its FTP server to upload data onto the Amazon S3 web service and it’s called Amazon S3 Bucket Explorer which you can purchase once-off. Now, to distribute videos all across the Internet, multiple websites and multiple video services, I currently use Traffic Geyser to also distribute not just only videos but also my podcasts, social bookmarks and also articles throughout the website, throughout the web. This is really a good piece of tool if you can afford to use it. It is per month but it’s really powerful once you see how it’s used. It’s very, very powerful once you
Video Rating: 5 / 5




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