2006 Australian Ballroom Championships IDSF Semi Final tango

12 04 2011

Heat 1 blue japanese couple – Masiyuki Ishiara and Megimento Saito {Japanses Closed Champions) Lite Blue Couple,(blonde lady)- David Rozycki and kelly Yates (5th place at South Pacifics and 6th place at NCDC national championships) Blue dress with purple – Matthew Rooke Anna Longmore (6 times Australian Champions, 2nd Rising Star Championship at Britsh 2007) White to Red Dress Chinese – Chao Yang and Yiling Tan (Chinese Champions, U21 and Rising Star British Champions 2005, 2006) White dress – Tim Mullayanov & Yulia Mullayanov (New Zealand Champions, 3rd South Pacific Championships) White Purple Dress – Rhett Salmon and April Mcmahon (4th in Australian Closed Championships) Heat 2 Bright Yellow dress with Black – Benny Rozen & Masha Khazanova (3rd at MegaStars International Championships, (6th Australia Closed Championships) Pink dress with feathers on arms and skirt – Bennedetto Fruggia and Claudia Kol’her (3rd at the British Open Championships, 2nd at UK, World, International Championships) Yellow Dress – Misa Cigoj & Alexandra Malai (2nd at World 10 dance Championships) Pink dress- Bjorn Bitsch and Ashli Willamson (1st runner up at Danish Championships, 10th in the IDSF world Championships, Rising Star British Champions 2007) Red Dress- Michael Glikman And Milana Ditch (2nd in Australian Closed Championship, 1st International Megastar Champions, South Pacific Champions 2007) White Dress (blonde lady) – Craig Denham Tegan Short (3rd Australian Closed Championships, 2




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12 04 2011

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12 04 2011

tango its a hard dance but i like it 🙂 ;pp

12 04 2011

i cant belive how fast they are…..

12 04 2011

Masha looks really good in this video !!

12 04 2011

wow big difference

12 04 2011

wow nice filming!really good dancer…i like Bennedetto and Claudia this time!

12 04 2011

The best Tango i have ever seen since i’ve been in the dance sport.

12 04 2011

watch this in higher quality 🙂

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