Noodles & Company's Founding Chef Cooking Penne Rosa in San Diego

11 04 2011

Noodles & Company’s Founding Chef shows viewers how to cook Penne Rosa at home. He also talked about the month-long fundraiser for the Warrior Foundation the three San Diego restaurants are hosting throughout August.
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Chris Moser discusses a wrongful lawsuit against his company that hosts message boards. “It seems silly that we are the ones that have to pay for someone else’s shot at maybe making a lot of money.” Part of the campaign.



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11 04 2011

Love Noodle n Company…LOVE LOVE LOVE…all the food are DELICOUS..!!go to it..i use to work there and i eat there all the time..I got my husband addict to it..n he love it..:D

11 04 2011

No this is not abuse. They got DROPPED FROM THE CASE! Hello? When is this abuse? Look at it this way: An officer can arrest you for being at the scene of the crime if he has reason to suspect you, or maybe even if he doesn’t have a reason to suspect you. Is it abuse of the law that you get taken to jail and processed for a crime you didn’t commit?

11 04 2011

That is why you buy insurance that pays for your lawyer up to a set amount for his labor if you are sued. The cost is not a bad in the past it was not. That is your lawyer not liability insurance lawyer. Who is looking out for liability insurance co. and a little bit for you.

11 04 2011

Frivolous lawsuits suck. Section 230 of the Communications Act clearly protects you from losing this kind of suit. Too bad it doesn’t guarantee that you won’t have to pay the legal expenses necessary to fight the suit to win it.

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