The Ross Volunteer Company Mardi Gras 2011

10 04 2011

The Ross Volunteer Company led the King Rex Parade on Mardi Gras 2011 in New Orleans, La. This was the 60th year in a row the RV’s have led Rex. A special thanks to the New Orleans A&M club for hosting the Ross Volunteer Company for the past 60 years.

Brief Bio Ballroom Dance Company Awards and Accomplishments The Utah Valley University Ballroom Dance Company has recieved numerous awards, honors, and accolades as they have performed and competed throughout the United States and abroad. The team is proud to be recognized in the following areas: 1st Place, Open British Formation Championship, Standard Division 2nd Place, United States National Formation Championships Grand Champion, Ricks College Formation Championships Grand Champion, Desert Challenge Ballroom Championships 1st Place, Illini Invitational Team-Match Championships History UVU is home to one of the largest public collegiate ballroom dance programs in the United States. Over the last several years, the Ballroom Dance Company has grown into a premiere performance troupe. The company is comprised of over 130 members divided into four teams; one touring team, one reserve and two back up teams. The backup teams provide the students with the training and performance skills necessary to meet the demands of the touring team. The company has a tradition of hosting the following select dance events: Winter Dance Concert Winter Dance-Sport Championships and Ball National and International Tours Opportunities Students receive beginning, intermediate, and advanced training in American and International styles of Ballroom dance. Instruction in the American Social Dance Program includes waltz, cha cha, west coast swing, foxtrot, triple-swing, and polka. International




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10 04 2011

Hi #UN#,
I started dancing a while back am learning slowly so I enjoyed your videos. Thanks for sharing.

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