Chris Gat teaches how to point your domain name!

10 04 2011 http In this video series you will find out how Chris Gat uses GoDaddy to point his YouTube url to ChrisGat.TV he also added a special tip on what not to do when taking videos! The information in this video will help you point any of your web urls to your specified domain name. Chris Gat has put together “New School” Marketing resources that will give you results on Generating FREE Organic Leads! Go to Do not miss out on what can get you to the next level!
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10 04 2011

wait i just purchased a domain name from godaddy, so i need to buy hosting from them, or some other website also to get it to work online? (im doing a simple portfolio by the way) thanks!

10 04 2011

It’s seems like what you are doing is simply forwarding the domain and not actaully pointing it.

Going to does work, but however, when I leave the page the URL always says making book marking impossible.

10 04 2011

Chris – Great video on how to point domain names. You offer a wealth of knowledge to all online marketers – Look forward to more of your tutorials. Thanks, David

10 04 2011

thanks for the vid, it helped me out brother!

10 04 2011

thanx for that man!!

10 04 2011

Good description –

11 04 2011

Denise, call me if you have any more questions…

11 04 2011

thanks teaching us how to do that step by step!

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