My problem with SA Web Designers

9 04 2011

I have one major problem with the way SA businesses are being tricked by our local designers who claim to provide services they clearly have no clue about. I decided that the next time I see such a claim I will record a video to prove how right I am about this. Well, today I stumbled upon just such an advert, and what do you know… I was right… Check the video to see how local businesses fall for these false claims every day. Disclaimer: I am not a web designer and I do not generally design websites for clients unless I know them personally or if I can be part of a joint venture. I am however a full time internet marketing business owner (over 8 years experience), and I do know a thing or two about SEO, etc. I am not trying to “win business” by badmouthing my competitors since we don’t provide the same services – I would have declined their business if they approached me in any way.
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