First peek at "Revolutions" exhibit at Computer History Museum with Woz

8 04 2011

In this video we get a first peek at the 25000-square-foot “Revolutions” exhibit at the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley. Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder, and curator Chris Garcia give us a tour around 2000 years of computing history. This exhibit opens to the public January 13th. We’ll have a longer interview up at by the end of next week. Thanks to Rackspace, world’s largest web hosting company, for making this tour possible. http is the museum’s website. Free hosting ecommmerce dropship web sites for sale 120 dollars per year free live support content management system with free search engine optimization easy to manage web site, no computer skills required and ecommerce web site for any business, all online video training. Qtellwholesale Limited Full Range Of Web Sites
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8 04 2011

great tour with the WOZ.. so cool to hear him speak about his personal experiences and the backstories around that time in the advent of the computer- his take on the internet as a machine in it self and the fact that we get our answers from a machine..

8 04 2011

thanx for the tour @Scobleizer.

8 04 2011

Fascinating insight from the Woz. You really feel like you were there. Cool museum too!

8 04 2011

This is such a GREAT video. It feels just like I was there watching Woz and Chris live. Thanks Robert for bringing this piece of history to us.

P.S., Is there a Part Two in the works??? 🙂

8 04 2011

At 11:15: “… so you could have 5MB of data floating in a small space.” LOL @ “small space”

8 04 2011

Great work, Robert. Your video really gives you the feeling you’re actually there with Woz and walking around those amazing exhibits and gettting his first-hand commentary. I’ve mailed a link to your video around to sooo many people 🙂

8 04 2011

awesome video !! was gr8 to get a tour though computer history by non other than the gr8 Woz !!!!

8 04 2011

Very interesting, thanks for sharing! Really enjoyed it.

8 04 2011

Great to see this done. So many of his stories bring back memories.

8 04 2011

Robert,Thanks for Sharing .. Watching Woz talk about the exhibits almost reminds me how far we’ve gone since the early 70’s ,which was my gen..Just had the wrong Major .. 🙂

8 04 2011

I have a fondness for Woz. He is so passionate about technology and sees past the exterior and focuses on the core importance of how things work. Hope there will be many more like him in the future to come.

8 04 2011

This is the “Revolutions” exhibit at the Computer History Museum. This exhibit opens January 13th, 2011.

8 04 2011

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