GDD-BR 2010 [1C] Google Web Tookit: What it is, How it Works and Deeper Dives

7 04 2011

Speaker: Chris Ramsdale Track: Cloud Computing Time slot: C [12:05 – 12:50] Room: 1 Level: 151 If you’re like the rest of us, at some point in your web app development you’ve wondered if there was an easier solution. One that includes built-in debuggers, code refactoring, reliable syntax highlighting, etc. After all, why should the server-side and desktop programmers get all of the good tools? The good news is that with Google Web Toolkit (GWT) you do have access to these tools. And in this session, Chris Ramsdale will get you up and running with GWT, including what it is, how it works, and deeper dives into generators, native Javascript interop, and compiler optimizations.
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7 04 2011

@andrefsalvati For slides check GDD 2010 page, google for: google developer day 2010 brasil google-web-toolkit.html

7 04 2011


next time put the slides.

7 04 2011

I’m sure this would have been interesting. It’s just too bad the camera was focused entirely on the speaker, and not showing any of the slides. Makes the whole thing rather difficult to hear, especially when he’s talking about code.

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