Best Free Website Hosting: With FTP, PHP, and MySQL!

7 04 2011

Free website hosting. Host your own message board forum, blog, CMS, image gallery, Commerce, wiki, and more. Unlike other free hosting plans, this includes full access to FTP, PHP, MySQL, Apache and Control Panel. Free web hosting services: • 300 MB disk space • 10 GB monthly transfer • 7 MySQL databases • Free 24/7 tech support and instant activation • FTP, file manager, MySQL, Ion Cube, Zend Optimizer, and Apache • PHP with ‘safe_mode’ off and GD enabled • Password protect directories • Control panel and Fantastico® like automatic script installer • 6 Addon domains, 6 parked domains, and 6 sub-domains • Webmail, sendmail and POP email • Quad Xeon grid servers with multiple fiber optic connections Music: Kevin MacLeod
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7 04 2011

Hi all,

I think this information can be useful for you. If you plan to get your website, here is one good free web hosting provider to choose –

They provide hosting absolutely free, there is no catch. You get 1500 MB of disk space and 100 GB bandwidth. They also have cPanel control panel which is amazing and easy to use website builder. Moreover, there is no any kind of advertising on your pages.

You can register here: .000webhost [dot] com/429781.html

7 04 2011

SMTP / cURL / PHP Sockets are no longer supported on free hosting due to abuse and security reasons, these features are only available on premium hosting. This effects using Google SMTP or any remote SMTP server in your PHP scripts.
We are sorry for the inconvenience.

7 04 2011

TSG [TacticalSideGaming]

7 04 2011

@minimuffinman vBulletin, IPB, phpBB, and basically any web forum will work on the service. You are free to add multiple top-level domain names as well.

7 04 2011

@HackZon3 There are two CAPTCHA’s both are easily readable by humans. Like all free hosting services we need to protect against bot attacks.

7 04 2011


7 04 2011

I guess in some ways it’s better than mine, lol.
30MB Space
250MB Bandwidth
Unlimited MySQL Databases
Unlimited Add-on Domains
Unlimited Parked DOmains
Unlimited FTP Accounts
Free cPanel 11

I know it’s rubbish for free.
It’s not advertising, I didn’t post a web address, did I? 😛

7 04 2011

Success your life why are you waiting here

7 04 2011

Get Free Hosting with PHP, MySQL, Cpanel, no ads @

7 04 2011

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

7 04 2011

I tried to make an account but it kept saying:

You appear to have multiple accounts associated allready. We do not allow mass account creation of free accounts.

This is my first time making an account here and I can’t even make one. D:

7 04 2011

OMFG can you tell me whats wrong? Its SO SLOW!!

7 04 2011

thank u so much… it works amazingly! =]

7 04 2011

nice intro they made here with sony vegas pro. THE HOSTING DOESNT WORK FOR SHIT. ONLY CATCHPA ERRORS. to complete the registration you have to pass like 10 CATCHPA’S!!! AND AFTERWARDS YOU GET CATCHPA ERROR. Fucking faggots doing it wrong

7 04 2011

Would i be able to set up a vBulletin forum and host my domain (which i will soon be purchasing) without any issues. I do not have much money so i need to know that this is a totally free no catch legitimate thing before i purchase my domain name and vBulletin package. How is this possible to be totally free?

7 04 2011

Can you host a game server?

7 04 2011

Perfect to host a wordpress, very fast and it has all the necessary features.

7 04 2011

UBservers. com offers enterprise grade FREE web hosting services and paid web hosting services (Shared and VPS). Our secure, stable, fast and reliable hosting garantees 99.9% uptime, includes tons of features, and offers 24/7 phone support. Try it risk free and upgrade anytime

7 04 2011

cool.. but how do i know that whats my website? please anyone give me the solution if someone’s knows the answer….

8 04 2011

this su*ks is very terrible

8 04 2011

But biz (dot)nf Gives you no-ads hosting

8 04 2011

wow ! amazing, fast and free 😀 !

8 04 2011

im going to try this out

8 04 2011

The location of the IP address depends on your ISP.

8 04 2011

Accounts will auto delete if not in use for a long period of time. That or you can manually delete the files since unlike other sites we give you full access.

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