Incapsula: Bringing web speed and security to the masses

6 04 2011

Web site security and speed are essentials for any business that values its Internet presence. If you run a small business, however, acquiring these essentials can be prohibitively expensive and/or time consuming. Incapsula has developed a solution that addresses these concerns. “We found over the past few years that real security and accelerations are something that only the upper echelon of web sites are able to afford,” explains Gur Shatz, Co-Founder and CEO of Incapsula. “At Incapsula, we’re trying to solve this issue. We’re trying to bring security and acceleration…into the mainstream.” While your hosting company likely provides a level of security for your web infrastructure, it’s what you put on top of that infrastructure that can lead to problems. Applications are typically where the problems are found, and when a vulnerability is discovered, Incapsula steps in and provides a “virtual patch” to block potential attacks. Incapsula’s customers are able to access the service without installing any additional hardware or software. You simply make a DNS change, and you’re up and running. Through its access to the Internet backbone and its optimization techniques, Incapsula adds increased speed to its security offerings. “You want your web site to run fast,” says Marc Gaffan, Incapsula’s Co-Founder and VP of Marketing and Business Development. “If it’s running fast, your [search engine optimization] rankings are going to improve, your visitor experience is going to It was four years ago today that this blog had its first big scoop: Robert Scoble, the ground-breaking video blogger and social media evangelist at Microsoft, would leave to join a Silicon Valley start-up. Four years on, and a couple of gigs in between, Robert is doing well. He is seeing increased traffic on his Scobleizer blog, producing widely-watched videos and building a huge social media following, largely on his own. I caught up with him last month in Manhattan at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference for this update. Robert is a full-time employee of RackSpace, the Texas-based enterprise hosting company. The job provides him financial support and editorial autonomy to travel the world to report for his blog and produce videos. Robert serves as the company’s “ambassador” and PR rep in Silicon Valley, he explains in this interview. He shoots and edits around six videos per week on his YouTube channel and produces two, two-camera videos for his series called Building 43. Scobleizer blog has been doing well. According to Compete, it has 185000 unique visitors, with traffic up about 35 percent this year. He has 126000 followers on Twitter, 11000 friends on Facebook, and has 11000 more followers on Google Buzz, he told me. When we met, he showed me a cool new Canon HD Mark II. He talks about issues facing companies who are seeking to use Web video to enhance their image – it’s not as easy as many had thought, he explains. Andy Plesser, Managing Editor
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6 04 2011

Added my site today, waiting for DNS propagation. I’ll try and remember to come back and report.

6 04 2011

nice camera dude!

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