Hostgator -How to Set Up Professional Email Address on Hostgator Website

6 04 2011 quick link. When starting an online business set your business up for success right from the start. Take advantage of the professional email address that is part of your Hostgator web hosting. There is no extra charge to set up website email.http for latest bonus info. You can have professional emails address for each of your domain names. For example if you have 10 domains hosted on Hostgator Baby Plan — you could have a professional email for each. An example of a professional email address is You could choose info, support or your name- at your website domain. You can log into this website email from any location around the world. If you are away from home and get access to a computer you can check your email. Plan to have a successful business. Create some good habits right from the start. Check your email at least once a day. A better plan is pick two times a day to check email. For example 9:00 am and 4:00pm. Reply to the emails in these two time slots. Avoid the urge to check your email through out the day. This method will help save you time and ensure that your customers or potential clients get answers to their emails. A professional looking email address gives instant creditbililty to your website. It helps people feel confident that they can contact your business. Professional email addresses have better devliverability. For example sending an email from free email providers could be considered as spam by some email filters
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