Server Hacked and Brought Down

5 04 2011 and may be down for a while. I’ve filled out a trouble ticket with the hosting company…
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5 04 2011

“The web server is back up, hope to have an update soon.”

Yippee. The server is back up after four months. Now how many of you believe that a web hosting company (in this case GoDaddy) would allow a server to be down for three months?

What about all the other web pages that would be down for that time? Try writing GoDaddy about that, and ask them yourself. Do you really believe that someone would ‘bring down’ a server in order to disable John’s pages???

Four months? Don’t believe it.

5 04 2011

I do not really think its a hacker or cracker disrupting your work. But I do think that government could be involved with sabotaging your work because you might be on to something. I do not know if you know about HAARP and I do not know if they are doing something with it that manipulates weather. But I do not think a hacker would be interested in your work. Some I suspect could be Israel, Russia, China, Japan, or yours truly CIA, NSA, or special ops within the U.S. be careful…

5 04 2011

You have my support. The problem is it is the goverernment hacking your website. No normal red blooded human being would do such a thing.

5 04 2011

Thanks for all you do, and please keep up the efforts. They like to do this to thwart people. Great vid addressing it and standing up.

5 04 2011

I’m worried more about the perp than I am myself. I’ve seen what has happened around me that can be best described only as “acts of God”, so yeah…

Maybe the guy wasn’t directly paid by a government… But when the government agents can tap our phones, read and spam our email, interfere with our personal lives, sabotage our prosperity, break the good laws they are charged with enforcing, while failing to police electronic espionage, what’s the difference?

This is a sincere warning.

5 04 2011

You have my support.
Knowledge is power and freedom.
Some don’t want this freedom in others.

5 04 2011

as above so it is below. you are using a spirtual axiom to your advantage for humanity.Thats the way it ought to be! You make me proud!

5 04 2011

Big Brother is on to your incredible work, John. “They” don’t want your predictions to get out into the open. KEEP IT UP!!! Don’t let the man get you down! We support you.

5 04 2011

At this hour in our lives right now, I wouldn’t doubt that it was the government. But then I can’t believe what some people do either for fun or murder, for a few bucks, prostituting their own children for drugs and so on. This is such a sick sick world anymore. As someone who sees the goodness you are trying to do, I’d say, heads up, move on, press on & keep up the great work. God gave you the brain to do all this, thank Him & ask for His protection.

5 04 2011

Just remember that “they” Dont care and “they” may be very high up that is why the server was hacked. “They dont want you to save lives…..I want to thank you for your work …we the underdogs appreciate what you are doing…=)

5 04 2011

take a deep breath ….and continue in whatever form you can…try not to get to entangled in the crap that a few will do to you……. important is your work….continue, continue and continue…..much love is with you…much love is with you….much LOVE is with YOU…..keep going….LOVE is the Key….keep going

5 04 2011

Those that are disrupting your mission do not give a Damn about humanity, in fact they would be quite happy if most of the population was wiped out, but that’s not going to happen because of Kindred Souls like you Astro, Keep Going, we are with you, Blessings.

5 04 2011

GO JOHN GO!!!! sending love, power & light to you! its amazing, i was on the phone & computer with norton symantec & mcafee for 12 hrs yesterday. seems a replicator bug has “infiltrated” their backup system but managed to put MILLIONS of files on my little 285GB computer. so i couldn’t watch, let alone download or upload for lack of free space. only 19GB left. corporate hacker wars because swbell now with mac instead of norton? sabatoge/diversion by both to keep truth from the masses???

5 04 2011

They’re getting ready to take the net down, they need more excuses to do so. Hacking your honest attempt to critically analyze earthquake formation is most likely the gov’t doing it, so they can blame some 15 yr kid in Oklahoma.

They don’t like people thinking outside the box they created for us.

Good Luck, keep trying!

5 04 2011

Is the polar shift now occuring (magnetic north moving east 32miles per year) related to your theory?

5 04 2011

we are behind you……i hope you are able to get it straightened out…….it is just too weird that this would happen to you know……..we are with you!

5 04 2011

Get your mind into the Chile situation~ got no time to hate; barely time to wait. Go!

5 04 2011

Keep up the great work, we will be patient. Your work is needed and much appreciated. Darkness hates the light, but LIGHT overcomes the darkness !

5 04 2011

We seek the Law of One.

We are choosers.


The seeking is still.


5 04 2011

There is no giving up. Breathe in the blue, indigo, violet energies from your higher, multidimensional self, unconditionally and mindfully, we suggest.

We are one being, and Astrotometry proves that we are organs of that one organism. Earth is an organism and an organ. The light is like a membrane that is at the same time a fully 4th dimensional standing wave expanding into all realities in the 5th, creating itself to be with all suns in the 6th, under the gate to intelligent infinity at 7th.

5 04 2011

i feel certain you were hacked because you’re on to something… they wouldn’t bother you otherwise. You’re doing a great job. thank you.

5 04 2011

you know your doing something good when something like that happens… forget those people and keep up the good work

5 04 2011

great vid. sup… your vids are important.
pm me if you want a backupsys for ice.

5 04 2011

dont give up ,youre doing so great

5 04 2011

dang man earthquake in chili. keep up the great work!

5 04 2011

Thanks so much Mike… great info. I went and implemented the steps straight away. Cheers!! 🙂

5 04 2011

hey thanks, very important info here!

5 04 2011

This is one of the best WP-DB and WordPress BTE backup plugin demos I’ve ever seen. Keep up the good work!

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