Episode #8 – Web Analytics TV With Avinash Kaushik and Nick Mihailovski

4 04 2011

Experts Avinash Kaushik & Nick Mihailovski answer your burning questions about Analytics and other Google tools. Topics covered include macro vs. micro conversions, using analytics on affiliate sites, tracking different domains, and more. Submit questions at sn.im




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4 04 2011

please show the tricks of counting of month whether its 31,30,by finger angd tell me as

4 04 2011

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4 04 2011


Hi, I get this anomaly in custom reports. I have a custom report of the following format:

Main dimension: “page”.
Metrics: “Unique visitors”, “Visits”, “Pageviews”, “Bounce rate”, “Avg.Time on Page”, “% Exit”, “New Visits”, “Pages/Visit”.

This produces a table of pages’ URLs (as per the dimension) and for most of them I see lower numbers for Visits than for Unique Visitors, which doesn’t make sense, e.g., page1.html can have 5,000 visitors and only 259 visits!


4 04 2011


? I don’t understand, what is your “Visitors” number? Are you talking about “Unique Visitors” vs “Visits?”

Visits = the number of web sessions that someone engaged in. For example, if I visit your site. Leave it, and come back in 15 minutes, that’s 2 visits.

Where do you see “visitors” Are you looking at the dashboard or in the visitors tab?

4 04 2011

Great episode. Thanks guys

4 04 2011

Great video again, but my question didn’t get answered 😦

Is there any explanation for why the visitors number should be higher than the visits number? On the face of it, it doesn’t make sense. This issue comes up in all of my GA accounts in all my advanced reports created where Visitors and Visits metrics are included together. And this is for all subdomains, single domains, and all date ranges.

This issue seems to puzzle a lot of people in the Google Analytics Community, too.

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