An overview of MySQL Workbench

4 04 2011

Visit our website!! —————————————————————- MySQL Workbench is an alternative to PhpMyAdmin that works without the use of a browser (GUI based)

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4 04 2011

@ne14dirt Me too. I am having the same problem. Did you get it fixed or did you find some other way?

4 04 2011

they are useless don’t trust them they use bait n switch technology

4 04 2011

@ne14dirt Yes you do. You are not understanding how the files work, that’s all.

4 04 2011

I don’t have a Joomla Directory in public_html…..NEXT!

4 04 2011

i am new to joomla, due to the siteground change from dropping the webbuilder zen off their service… so now i am stuck with my site pursangroyalcom still in zen template and i heard i must rebuild my site new from scratch so i understand i need 3 items besides the siteground account:1* filezilla, ftp software 2* joomla 1.5 software (i extracted it on my local pc) 3 my account on Joomla! Administration Login

I this wright for 3 items to start, is the Filezilla not needed ?

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