Web Design For Artists

3 04 2011

“To celebrate our launch, we are offering drama/artist graduates from 2009 and upwards, a website design, show reel, and voice reel, for only £300. This extension to 2009 ends on 19/04/11. So be quick.” So, you want to be an Actor? Rj THEATRE ARTS and TheOtherCompany have joined forces to offer actors and artists alike, the tools they need for the industry at record prices that they can afford. We offer dynamic flash/html websites,expertly tailored to represent your uniqueness as an actor/artist, show reels and voice reels recorded and edited to the highest industry standards. We understand the need to promote yourself. Book now at http://www.rjtheatrearts.com Rj THEATRE ARTS and TheOtherCompany We misbehave, because we can. © 2011. All rights reserved. Web Design For Actors and all associated materials are product and property of Rj THEATRE ARTS and The Other Company. Rj THEATRE ARTS. A Ricky Payne Company.




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