TIBCO Designer Tutorial – Create a Webpage

3 04 2011

http://www.xmarter.com – This tutorial shows you how to create a webpage using the HTTP Receiver and the Send HTTP Response activities in TIBCO Designer. The presenter is TIBCO Certified Professional Jazon Samillano of Xmarter, Inc., a TIBCO consulting company.
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3 04 2011

Really very useful. i tried this example but i am getting BWENGINE-100041 Mapping Error. not sure how to correct. can you help?

3 04 2011

Jazon its really superb man

3 04 2011

Jaz… why does 2 jobs get created for a single try ?

3 04 2011

Hi Jazon, thanks for the video. it is useful. I am also looking for the solution what thyag mentioned. could you please help us.

3 04 2011

Thank you, Jazon!

3 04 2011

Hi Jazon, thanks for the videos. Its really good to see tibco examples in youtube.
You ROCK….!!!!!!

3 04 2011

Hi Jazon, thanks once again for a great video.

I just want to know how we can accomplish the following:
1)I have a jsp page which has an input box + submit button. I provide an input(say an employee id) and click on Submit.
2)Once step 1 is done, the input(empid) should go into a TIBCO BW process, do some processing (say fetch details from database or file) and then print the results on the next webpage.

Please let me know how to do this jsp –>tibco bw–>.back to jsp interfacing.


3 04 2011

Thanks Jazon. This tutorial is really very helpful in starting with TIBCO BW.

3 04 2011

It is really useful.

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