Introduction to Dreamweaver CS5 – Part 6

3 04 2011

Learn the fundamentals of Dreamweaver CS5. In this video series you will learn to create a web site, place web pages inside the site, add text and images to pages, create links and create tables of information.
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web design
by ocjess Learn How to use DIV Tags and CSS to create advanced website layouts and Columns in Dreamweaver. Brought to you by
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3 04 2011

are you a teacher?
Really nice your tutorial..
Thank you.

3 04 2011

Do you have any PHP SQL tutorials?

3 04 2011

question: i followed your tutorial thoroughly but there’s a little problem in my page
in safari

how come when i click on Introduction it takes me to Key Concept
and when i click on Key Concept it takes me to Map

the map link is the only one working.

I’ve checked the anchor names and they are all in sync according to their links, i don’t know what’s wrong (really clueless)


3 04 2011

its a sample text, just write down something.

3 04 2011

your key concerns was linked to key concepts?

3 04 2011

i know the beginning speech of the video so well after seeing all the videos.

3 04 2011

Great tutorials mate

3 04 2011

@lynnie4100 the new information added is the information he’s talking about in the current video.. that’s why

4 04 2011

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4 04 2011


*IF you want to edit text size, you migth have to:
_select the text
_rigth click
_paragraph format
_use one of the options: paragraph, heading 1, heading 2, etc.
_To edit those formats rigth click , page properties , headings(CSS)

*An easier solution would be to active the “style rendering toolbar”, just do
rigth click at the top toolbars.

Hope to gave you some helP ..

4 04 2011

@lynnie4100 DAMN RIGHT LOL

4 04 2011

How to edit text size ?

4 04 2011

@lynnie4100 Not sure how that’s confusing, he only does that so that we don’t have to sit here and watch him make those easily copied necessary changes.

4 04 2011

Clear and precise, you are a legend. Owe the start to my first company web page to your easy tuts. Sky’s the limit. Many regards

4 04 2011

Thanks for the great tutorials. I know absolutely nothing about Dreamweaver and I am pretty excited about all that I have learned so far just by watching these videos! Thank you!

4 04 2011

Only problem I can see with your videos is for those of us just learning this that are way confused when you suddenly have all the changes to your sites from one video to the next…otherwise they are very good and easy to follow

4 04 2011

2.22 glitched

4 04 2011

@xaarmaax Ctrl+O. then find your website in the folder you saved it in.

4 04 2011

one more question how do you go to the saved site???

4 04 2011

create the web
create the net?

4 04 2011

Thanks so much! these vids are such a life saver:) i cant believe you don’t have more views

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