If you are the one 2 (2010) 非誠勿擾2 – 預告片Official Trailer

3 04 2011

Official Web Site: http://www.chinalionentertainment.com Release Date: 12月24日北美•中國同步上映,上映於各大指定AMC, Cineplex戲院December 24th, 2010 in selective AMC theaters in North America and Cineplex cinemas in Vancouver (Same day as China) Mandarin with English and Chinese subtitles Synopsis: After coming back from Hokkaido, Japan, Xiaoxiao has made up her mind not to love her former boyfriend Fang anymore. In fact, she has given up on loving anyone at all. But she is fundamentally conflicted about her complicated relationship with Qin Fen: no matter how hard she tries, she just can’t make herself fall in love with him. Qin, for his part, has already proposed to her several times in vain. After so many failures, he finally realizes that Xiaoxiao is unable to genuinely consider him as a lover, and marriage is out of the question. After Qin attends a “divorce banquet” held by his friend the producer Li Xiangshan, he is inspired to try to take his relationship to the next level. Encouraged by his friends to live together with Xiaoxiao, he rents a house in Sanya on Hainan Island where they move in together. His plan, however, doesn’t go as expected. Their age and personality clashes lead to even more trouble. When Xiaoxiao finally confesses to Qin that her feelings for him are not true love, Qin, alone, leaves Sanya. They each return to Beijing and choose live separately, but still occasionally miss each other. Qin, once again a bachelor, becomes very busy. He had been a




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3 04 2011

saw this last night… Very fine film!

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