How to Install a WordPress Blog

3 04 2011 How to Install a WordPress Blog Hi my name is Ryan and welcome to my video on how to create a wordpress blog. On this video, I presume you already have a domain and Web hosting. So the next step is to get a couple of more things. The first is to download the files for your blog from the wordpress website. By going to And hit download. It will take you to a page where you can download WordPress 2.7, which is the latest wordpress platform. Download this to your computer, and you can unzip that into a folder. That will put all of the files you need for your blog onto your computer. Now, the next thing you need to do is get this on to the Internet. So you need an FTP program to upload those files, I used filezilla. You can get for free by typing the FileZilla into Google. It’s the first result that comes up in Google, and you want to download the FileZilla client. On that page it will be the first one under Windows FileZilla-3.1.6-win-32-setup. Once you have FileZilla and all your word press files. You will want to log into your hosting account and create a database to hold your new blog. Log into your account and create a new database. It may look different depending on what Web hosting company you use. It will ask you to create a database description database user name and enter a password for the database. Once you have created a database go back to the word press files on your computer and look for wp-config-sample, now renamed that file to remove
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3 04 2011

What’s cpanel?

3 04 2011

Great tutorial, very to-the-point. Thanks!

3 04 2011

can anyone tell me….how to Extract an archive into a directory on your hosting server where you can host and run PHP code???
plllzzzz help me……

3 04 2011

Thank you, one of the best videos on the subject!

3 04 2011

What program do you use for the PHP file?

3 04 2011

Thank you Excellent explaination!

3 04 2011

Thank you very much Ryan!

Kind regards from Chile,

3 04 2011

What you need is access to the wordpress control panel.

go to yourwebsite(.)com/wp-admin

-then enter your username and password. You can then change, add and edit everything on the wordpress site.


3 04 2011

Hi Ryan, I inherited a WordPress-based site and the previous editor of it vanished so I am quite lost, since I had no previous WordPress experience. I downloaded WordPress, but have no clue how to link it to the website without overwriting it (do I need to know where the site is hosted). Also the header from this website has a drop down menu to which I need to add some new sections, but I have no clue also on where to start changing this. Do you know where should I start from? Many thanks!

3 04 2011

It works perfect! Thanks for sharing!

3 04 2011

very useful video

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