House Session 2010-04-14 (10:03:38-10:45:26)

3 04 2011




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3 04 2011

Problem with America = Rich people are in-humane assholes. People who had houses 5 years ago are living under bridges, but rich people will spend 400 dollars for 1 night in a hotel room(which is about equal to 1 months rent for a “poor” person).

When America finally revolts, we first need to dispose of anyone who makes over $80,000.00 a year, because chances are they don’t deserve anything they have.

3 04 2011

Find naughty women in your area ””

3 04 2011

If you would bother to read about this country in it’s humble beginnings, whether you chose to like it or not, the founding of the United States was based on religion. I’m an atheist, but I still respect the founding fathers and their faith, why is that you might ask. Well it’s because I’m not a left wing nut job. I can accept things for what they are. My beliefs don’t have to be everyone else’s. Left wing loony”s feel that everyone must think like them, or they are bigots and racists. Pathetic.

3 04 2011

WAIT. wat? why are they opening up this with a prayer? What does praying have to do with anything political? OH i forgot , hypocrisy is part of it all…sorry carry on.

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