HotOrNot: From Nothing to $20M in 7 years!

3 04 2011 Today, Silicon Valley blog TechCrunch is reporting that dating web site HotOrNot has been sold to Canadian company Avid Life Media, “a network of targeted niche brands with highly engaged users”, for around M. According to Markus Frind, CEO of free online dating site, Avid Life Media is a front for, “a dating site for married people that want to cheat”. Is this whole dating space heating up or what? Just a few monts ago we met with HotOrNot co-founder James Hong at a Churchill Club event where he was telling his amazing story: from humble beginnings to real phenomenon, even inspiring ABC’s reality television show, “Are You Hot? The Search for America’s Sexiest People”. “We started in October 2000 […] on borrowed space […] and quickly realised that it was not going to work out. We almost took the site down because […] according to our current bandwith consumption this site is going to cost us 0000 a month and doubling every 5 minutes!”, said Hong Inspite being 000 in debts, then students Hong and co-founder Jim Young made a barter deal with IT hosting company Rackspace: “publicity” for a server and bandwith. And I guess the rest is history… with a nice happy ending… even though some find the amount offered too low for such a profitable start-up!
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3 04 2011

I enjoyed the site about a year ago, and remembered it about a year later and the site has gotten worse. It’s not as enjoyable sifting through the pictures, it’s not as free as it was before, and judging by the comments made, it looks like the same people are on there, not to mention an offer comes up every 5 profiles asking you if you want to subscribe to the lame ass site. Sometimes capitalism kills.

3 04 2011

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