Computer Networking & Hardware : How to Design a Wireless Network

3 04 2011

When designing a wireless network infrastructure, consider the number of machines that will be using it, the area of coverage, the security considerations and the hardware that will need to be purchased. Create a network of wireless users with tips from a systems administrator in this free video on computer networking. Expert: Jonathan Hill Bio: Jonathan Hill works as a senior systems administrator for a large Web hosting company. He has achieved MCSA/MCSE credentials, among other industry certifications. Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge
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Speaker: TiffanyRad Kill Switching” Cyberspace, Cyber Criminal Prosecution & Jurisdiction Hopping Concepts of sovereignty, freedom, privacy and intellectual property become amorphous when discussing territories that only exists as far as the Internet connects. International cyber jurisdiction is supported by a complicated web of international law and treaties. Jurisdiction hopping, a technique that is becoming popular for controversial content, is one we have used for the US 1st Amendment censorship-resistant and non-profit hosting company, Project DOD, by using PRQ’s services in Sweden. This technique is used to place assets in a diverse, but accessible, web of countries in which that content may be legal in the hosting country, but may have legal complications in the country in which it is accessed. As ownership and protection of property becomes a concept that is difficult to maintain across boundaries that are not easily distinguishable, can the US “kill-switch” parts of the Internet and under what authority can it be done? Similarly, the geographic challenges to international cyber criminal law — and the feasibility of new sovereign nations — will be analyzed. When a cybercrime is committed in a country in which the electronic communication did not originate, there is difficulty prosecuting the crime without being able to physically apprehend a subject that is virtually within — and physically without — a country’s boarders. Similarly, a technique called
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3 04 2011

DHCP problems? There isnt going to be more than 999 People connected to the router lmao…

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