Bugsy! iPhone Puzzle Game – Features and Gameplay Video.

3 04 2011

5 STARS “This is a very fun and addicting slide puzzle game with great graphics and I love the music! One of the best puzzle games I have played in a while. I love it!” -AppStore Review AppStore Link: itunes.apple.com http://www.glasshousegames.ca Bugsy is a unique, challenging, fast-paced, fun and addicting puzzle game designed for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. With 125 levels and 3 different types of Rogue Enemies you are guaranteed hours of enjoyment. If you like challenging, mind twisting puzzles, you will enjoy Bugsy. GAMEPLAY The objective of the game is to bloom all the flower buds at the edges of the board. You steer Bugsy towards each bud by sliding the puzzle tiles to complete the path to each bud. You complete the level when all the buds have bloomed. Beware of Rogue bugs which can impeed Bugsy’s progress. You can destroy the Rogues to earn bonus points. You can also earn bonus points by completing the game before the Bonus Timer runs out. The gameplay is simple, but very challenging and highly addictive. FEATURES -125 Levels with over 40 Level Maps -Level Randomization to Ensure High Replayability -Fight and defeat 3 Types of Rogue Enemy bugs -Great Artwork and Original Music -Listen to your iPod Music while playing -2 Game Difficulty Levels -Tutorial Levels -Sophisticated Effects -Game becomes more challenging as you play -Email your High Score to your friends -Rumble Effects APPSTORE REVIEWS 5 stars “Elegant, addictive, challenging, sliding puzzle game puts you in
Video Rating: 2 / 5

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