WordPress Video Tutorial: Complete Installation Guide Part 1

2 04 2011

The original video tutorial is open to guests and members at machouse.mhvt.net with a resolution of 900 x 675 pixels. Some 24 hours ago, we signed up for a new web hosting plan with IPOWER (http Why IPOWER? That’s only because we have never used their web hosting plans. That’s also because it was affordable. It was only US.40 per year. Is IPOWER a great web host? We don’t know as we’ve been using our hosting account for just 24 hours. And we are not releasing this video tutorial to evaluate or promote IPOWER’s hosting plans. This video tutorial shows how to install WordPress (blog software) on a remote Lunux shared server. It’s a complete coverage of everything that one needs to know in installing WordPress on a remote Linux server. We discuss what file to edit, how to create a database, how and what file to upload… We show some common mistakes that people make in installing WordPress. In the first part of the WordPress installation tutorial series, we start off at the point where we just signed up for a web hosting plan and there is not even a single file installed yet. So we access the control panel at the website of the web hosting company to set up a database user. We then download the zip version of WordPress software pakcage and edit the configure file. This video tutorial is not designed just for IPOWER users. Whether you have a web hosting plan with HostMonster, PowWeb, Lunarpages, rackspace Hosting or whatever, there is little difference in the way you
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