WordPress Tutorial – How to Install WordPress on BlueHost Web Hosting

2 04 2011

More free tutorials: mcbuzz.wordpress.com Installing WordPress on BlueHost hosting is quick and easy. Watch this tutorial, and you can do it in under four minutes! Mark McLaren of McBuzz Communications shows you how to build your own self-hosted WordPress website or blog with BlueHost hosting.
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2 04 2011

You make wordpress simple and easy! Thanks a million!!!

2 04 2011

Very helpful video. Thanks !!

2 04 2011

Thanks for the video!

I’ve been having headaches trying to install WordPress on 1and1 hosting.

Watching this video convinced me to transfer my domain to BlueHost!

I’m actually waiting for my DNS settings to update as I type this.

2 04 2011

This was helpful, thanks!

2 04 2011

Something else I didn’t mention in this tutorial: BlueHost allows you to host as many domains as you want. At 4 minutes per installation, that’s, um, 15 new WordPress sites in an hour. Not that you need to create 15 new WordPress sites, but if you wanted to, you could!

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