Winning Website Design (part 1)

2 04 2011

Interview with website designer Jody Levinson. More free marketing resources at
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Today Creative Director Aure Gimon joins me to review YOUR sites and vote whether they Sink in the East River with a weight around their ankles or they swim. And we take you behind the scenes of building a site in “Preparing for Launch” a step by step walk through of designing and building the Launch Conference Website, brought to you by Squarespace. For more info check out the show notes at
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3 responses

2 04 2011

Also for web group site mistake is text box is to wide for this size of font, is hard to find next (jump to) line to read when reading text.

2 04 2011

Cool idea to test sites… You must do it in end of each show just for 1 or 2 sites

2 04 2011

I can’t wait to finish my web site, maybe Jose & Aure can decide if it’s sinks or swims (the problem is – it’s in Hebrew )

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