Making (How to Make) Clickbank Sales Pages-Easy Method

2 04 2011 How to make (or making) a Clickbank sales page is easy with the Homestead website builder. The method of building a professional looking advertisement for your product can be fast and simple, once you understand how to use the SiteBuilder program. Every element inside of Intuits Homestead website builder can be added and moved using the point, click, drag and drop method. Designing web pages is simple. Easy to use features when creating a Clickbank product page using the Homestead website hosting company. Adding (or uploading) photos/Images Implementing text boxes Creating links Developing custom submission forms Integrating Paypal Cloning feature Adding Youtube videos Changing background colors, patterns or images The SiteBuilder makes creating a Clickbank sales page simple. The price for the hosting is a good deal too. With this video demonstration you will see how easy it is to make web pages using the Homestead method for making websites.
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2 04 2011


Never heard of the homestead website builder.

Just goes to show you, that there’s always something new to be learnt online :-D.

Also made a cool video on how to make clickbank sales on my channel which you might find interesting.


2 04 2011


2 04 2011

if you want to make a killing with clickbank, check out MoneyCourse . info – but be warned, only go to this site if your ready to quit your job and do whatever you want 😉

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