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2 04 2011

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6 responses

2 04 2011

Nobody died, socket works, jobs a good’en!

2 04 2011

Shit man, thats not a good advert, you burnt your skin badstyle from a shock!

2 04 2011

“Withstand a ‘curtain ammount of voltage’ – WHAT AN IDIOT! im no eletricition but he doesnt sound to confident! fuckin retard

2 04 2011

Fine, but get your terminalogy right – voltage does NOT travel – voltage is the pressure behind the CURRENT. The CURRENT is what flows and in this case what cannot flow though the insulation on the screwdriver. Also that backbox is cracked to hell and there is loads of inner insulation exposed below the box (where the outer sheathing was VERY poorly stripped). Do not make vids if you don’t have a clue what your talking about – it gives people dangerous ideas

2 04 2011

Saved me a bloody fortune mate. Was gonna shell out a load of dosh to get me hair permed, followed your electrical advice & now me hairs frazzled, Shame about the 3rd degree burns and the house burning down, and the wife & kids are now dead, but never mind hey

2 04 2011

nice and safe!!!!!! what about those cables into the bottom of the mounting box with no outer insulation you muppet

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