Google DC Talks: Democracy Online – Can the Internet Bring Change?

2 04 2011

Is the Internet stoking democratic change or is its impact hyped? Are repressive regimes conditioning people not to expect free expression on the Internet? Is online organizing little more than a game of Whac-a-Mole with one form of repression being replaced by another? What are the implications for political organizing of the recent discovery that the email accounts of dozens of Chinese human rights advocates appear to have been hacked? Join Google and Freedom House to answer this question and many more. Moderator: Pablo Chavez, Managing Policy Counsel, Google Panelists: Larry Diamond, Professor & Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University Daniel Calingaert, Deputy Director of Programs, Freedom House Omid Memarian, Iranian Dissident Blogger
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2 04 2011

yes it can
free Agypt
free tunesia
free Saudia?

2 04 2011

Google and Microsoft are just hi-tech aristocracies with the power eavesdrop and mobilized the best scientists to do their bidding – profile the public and sell data to advertisers, beat start-up companies to the punch, and buyout competitors when all else fails. These big IT firms are the biggest threat to democracy, they have the power to steal new wealth faster than the bankers ever could. At least a government body can be regulated, these Google scientists are part of a machine.

2 04 2011

I’M not spending my downloading watching this video. It’s just like the news. Bullshit!!

2 04 2011

I bet that alot of people are happy enought if they can just find their pr0n via google. Just unblock that and the whole world would be happy


2 04 2011

EarthPeopleGovernment [.] Org

2 04 2011

anyone curious why the democrats wanna censor the internet?

2 04 2011

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2 04 2011

Google stands for Democracy? hahahaha
Nice marketing, eh, not.
Keep the Internet is al we want from u Google.

2 04 2011

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2 04 2011

33:37 participatory democracy

2 04 2011


2 04 2011


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