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2 04 2011 TUTORIALS Updated – Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Blog: How To Use Text-Link-Ads: PROGRAM LINKS: WordPress (blogging software): Google Analytics (website traffic analyzing software): Text-Link-Ads (monetization business): Google AdSense (monetization business): DreamHost (domain hosting and registering): I was watching a video by Jason of the MyArgonauts channel on YouTube ( and heard that he was thinking about starting up a website dedicated to people in the JET Programme ( which in short is a program that sends college graduates to Japan to teach English. Jason has been in Japan under the JET Programme for 5 years and came back to America in August 2009 so he’s definitely got a story to tell! The blogging software that I use is called WordPress. It’s very commonly used so it’s easy to find help for it through forums if you need it. There’s also an extensive collection of plugins for WordPress that can enhance your website in many different ways. There are some that keep track of a certain date, some that display your website traffic, some that update your accounts with social media like Twitter and Facebook when you make a new post, and so on. Since I have my own web domain that’s not a part of a free blogging community like MySpace or Xanga, the options to customize my website are pretty much endless. Because of this freedom, I can take advantage of monetization methods like Google
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BlueOnyx is a Linux distribution (based on CentOS v5.2) which aims at delivering a turnkey server appliance for webhosting. It comes with a web based GUI interface which allows you (and your email, FTP and webhosting clients!) to manage most aspects of the server, its sites and accounts through a browser based interface. It is open source software, released under a Sun modified BSD license. BlueOnyx is a modernized fork of BlueQuartz. A lot of improvements and enhancements (compared to a regular BlueQuartz) went into BlueOnyx. Including support for Java Servlet Pages, built in web based email, phpMyAdmin for you and your webhosting clients and provisions to automatically create MySQL databases and users for each virtual site. As driving force behind BlueOnyx we’re of course also porting all our existing BlueQuartz add-on software to BlueOnyx and will (while we’re at it) modernize and extend it. Features In short: It is what BlueQuartz could have been a year ago. It is “BlueQuartz” on CentOS 5.4 and then some. Has all BlueQuartz updates that accumulated over the last 13 months which never got released. Has previously commercial add ons pre-installed, including … phpMyAdmin Web based Email GUI to automatically create and remove MySQL users and databases for sites. Subdomain management Better PHP security management on a per site basis. New default skin for the GUI. Working vacation messages. Updated Dovecot and ProFTPd. JSP support already built in with an improved GUI




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2 04 2011

Not a problem Jason!

2 04 2011

Cool video – thanks for the info and the great links.


2 04 2011

Server below it is a demo server cost $899.00 with Hardware Raid Not software and all new parts like Hard drives with 3 years warranty.

Rackable RAQ from RaQport 8 GIG RAM 3 X500 GB SATA HARDWARE RAID HOT SWAP PROXMOX AND VIRTUALIZATION INSTALLED + BLUEQUARTZ 2011 You can run Microsoft as a VPS if you have a valid MS license

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2 04 2011

Blueonyx or BlueQuartz will not work on SUN COBALT QUBE 3 but you can install on any workstation, server or netbook. It will remove all the sata from your system during the install. After install you will have hosting system. Please check any additional commertial software from RAQport VA Company. For the install on any SUN COBALT RAQ OR QUBE we have commertial version for download or we ship CD cost 57 USD

2 04 2011

Yesss… I am soo going to install this on my Qube3.. But the question is, can i use new HD’s for this install (using netboot)? I want to keep my vanilla OS HD’s.

2 04 2011

RAQport Inc.
2004 North Monroe Street
Arlington Virginia 22207
Washington DC Area
TEL: 703-528-0114
TEL2: 703-652-0993

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