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1 04 2011

tinyurl.com – Blue Voda Website Builder tinyurl.com – Blue Voda Website Hosting Blue Voda is a free, easy to use website building software. Using Blue Voda, websites can be created in a matter of minutes. In this video, I guide you step by step on how to build a simple website. Creating your own web site really has never been easier. There is really no need to outsource the building of your website when you have a software like BlueVoda. It’s literally drag and drop…no knowledge of html or any other code is necessary. If you’re an internet marketer looking to create many websites, or someone who just wants to create one, I believe this will be a big help for you. Once you build your website with the software, you will need to get hosting for your website. I use VodaHost, which is the hosting for Blue Voda. I pay .95 per month. This is really cheap. Remember, whenever you put a website online, you need to have hosting. I don’t think there’s any way around that. For the hosting of your Blue Voda website, check out Voda Host here. tinyurl.com Lastly, I use AWeber as my email autoresponder. tinyurl.com This costs per month. Once you have an email autoresponder and a website builder/website hosting, then you’re ready to start building your list of prospects and begin making money online. Both of these services together comes to around per month. This is a really good price. Good luck with your websites and feel free to send me any questions! -Dan




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1 04 2011

they say create and build bluevoda website in 30 minutes, I am trying to link pages for 3 weeks now because noone can explain how to do it yet, I think I will have to go to school for it.

1 04 2011

I thought this video is supposed to be for people with no website publishing experience? I’m a teacher, and this man is not in the least explaining anything about the nature of the designer, or commenting in any way shape or form about how to get started beyond talking as he hurriedly goes through his designs. This is not teaching in the least. There’s no way to keep up with him. Teaching is an art of helping others to think their way through something.

1 04 2011

hey …i want to preview the site but i can’t …well it open an page but is nothing there even if i put something in “my page”. i need to have an account in “aweber” to can preview or publish ? (sorry for bad english )

1 04 2011

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1 04 2011

@Saturnclass hey do u no how to link pages together?? i mean ur pages not pages on the internet

1 04 2011

@Tubedoll not true
when you make your page in bluevoda what you need is to let see go to some free hosting and upload every image you use in blue voda and just copy your html code in blue voda and paste on your free hosting manger html code bar.

1 04 2011

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1 04 2011

Can you make a store website with this???? please reply

1 04 2011

booo Use Hostgator – they have an online website builder…

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1 04 2011

Dan thanks for sharing.
I have hosting service with another company. Can I still build the site with voda but publish it with another site hosting co.

1 04 2011

i want know how we can create sub pages as like when we hit a button home or profile a sub page should be displayed .i dont know to create if u know send me a mail khadru_amith@yahoo.com
thanking u

1 04 2011

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1 04 2011

no point, making website is free but then hosting it isnt -.-

1 04 2011

Thanks Dan for the video! Very helpful.

1 04 2011

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1 04 2011

hey sir i have a problem to my buttons, everytime i hit it my other pages wont appear,
they just said that ”my links at disabled by bluevoda”?
im just want to know how to fix it? 😦
thnx btw. nice video.

1 04 2011

If you go to “View > Page HTML” then you can find the full HTML of the page you designed and, if your hoster provides it you can just paste the HTML without having to use BlueVoda as a hoster.

1 04 2011

@Tubedoll No. Just preview it. Then in the browser, File >> Save Page >> PAGENAME.htm and it saves it all, toda.

1 04 2011


1 04 2011

i got an internet card and i want to get this application to publishing my websites …
where i got to go to find the “buying button” og publishing application????

1 04 2011

it dosnt let me register bitch!

1 04 2011

I discovered this software a year and a half ago and it is absolutely amazing. If you know anything about MS Word you will discover that BlueVoda works almost exactly like MS Word. I have done approx 100 web sights (only two pages each however,) and they are beautiful. I am not a graphic artist, but I still made some impressive looking pages, thanks to the ease and perfection of BlueVoda software. I highly recommend it over all others, and believe me I have tried and failed at all others!!!!

1 04 2011

@DSnowTV I can publish if I have (dot)game-host(dot)com domain?

1 04 2011

Ok I don’t have any knowledge with words, or microsoft stuff 🙂

1 04 2011

If you guys want to ask for how it cost… READ THIS. This is free, but if you want to donate can u donate them using paypal… Just give ur email to them so there u go! xD

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