Maybank2u down again

18 11 2009


Just now I tried to login to , it displayed this message on screen…..the funny things is, it say their system maintenance on 7 & 8 Nov 2009. Now already 18 Nov 2009. Are they too busy to change/update the date?

Furthermore, it is almost 9am now…..their website still “Schedule Maintenance”.

And, I’ve login to at about 2:50am this morning, it is running ok…..but when I want to do some fund transfer, it showed me the error code 0089. Unable to proceed with any fund transferring.

Meaning, they are just started their system maintenance this morning……thats also mean….this is not schedule maintenance…this is emergency maintenance. Must be something wrong with their system.

Just hope that they will take care of their system/server so that no system error happen in any transaction thru their online banking system.


Just refresh the website again, now it show the following message (9:06am)


At 2:33am (Thursday, 19 Nov 2009)

Maybank2u up !!!



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